Land Of Habits Game

Educational board game with which you will develop good habits and new skills in a fun and motivating way.



How will The Land of Habits help you?

The game will allow you to measure your progress in developing habits in an easy and fun way.

You will play the role of a Traveler who wanders through the Land of Habits every day. First, he traverses a sandy island, then swims to another island and enters the forest. Then he has to face the final stage of his journey - an island full of dangers. However, the Great Prize awaits the Traveler at the top of the mountain.

The Land of Habits will remind you of your tasks and motivate you to act daily. There are 4 independent routes on the board, thanks to which you will be able to develop up to 4 different habits at the same time. In each of them, you will design a trigger, i.e. a stimulus that will remind you to perform a habitual behavior. In addition, you will also define the two types of rewards: one that you will give yourself each time you complete a habitual action and the other one for reaching the bonus fields.

To facilitate the habit development process, you will break it down into 5-day challenges. The first one will be as simple as possible. Each subsequent challenge will be a little more demanding until you get to the final level. Thanks to this, you can quickly start working on your habits when you receive the game.

Instead of looking again for motivation to learn (in college, a foreign language), train (at the gym or home), work, or act - use the small steps strategy successfully! Motivation is a chimeric creature that is hard to rely on. It behaves like a wave - you are once at the top and once at the bottom. It is impossible to be on the top of the "motivational wave" all the time. Therefore behavior change should be designed so that you always have the energy to perform the task.

Not motivation, but simplicity and ease of action are decisive in the long-term change (according to the research of BJ Fogg, an American professor who has been studying for 20 years what influences people's behavior).

The Land of Habits works just like that - in line with the discoveries of modern science. The behaviors you will develop will be simple, and no matter what your level of motivation is, you will always be able to carry them out. The results you get, thanks to systematic work, will surprise you positively. Not today. Not tomorrow. However, after a week, you will notice the first significant changes. And this is just the beginning!

The Land of Habits is excellent for developing personal habits (health, finances, relations etc.), family habits (washing dishes, cleaning rooms, taking out the garbage etc.), and professional habits (sales, management, efficiency etc.).

Another exciting opportunity provided by the Land of Habits are CHALLENGES. Find a person who wants to develop a habit similar to yours (running, cycling, or regularly learning a foreign language) and challenge them.

Define the day you start working on the habit, and regularly exchange information about your position on the board every few days. In this way, by using the mechanism of gamification, you can gain additional motivation to work on a habit persistently.