Who will benefit from playing the game The Land of Habits?

  • Parents - who want to teach their children the habits in an engaging, fun way
  • Couples - who want to support each other in implementing helpful changes in their lives
  • You - to develop many useful habits (you can play this game individually)
  • People interested in improving their health - diet, exercise, gym, running, preparing healthy meals, etc. 
  • Trainers, tutors, coaches, therapists, and psychologists - who can use the game to work more effectively with their clients and patients
  • Companies - that are looking for a gift for their employees that, apart from entertainment, will also bring business, professional and health benefits.

Already over 1000 people introduce great changes in their lives with The Land of Habits. What will you use it for?


The Habit of Regular Exercise - take care of your health, be more fit, have a slim figure.

The Habit of Preparing Healthy Meals - be in a better mood, have more energy, and a healthier and stronger body.

The Habit of Falling Asleep Quickly - take care of the regeneration of the body, strengthening your immunity and concentration.


The Habit of Appreciation - sincerely compliment the people around you on their work. They will like you more.

The Birthday Habit - Build Social Capital. Cultivate relationships with your friends by writing/calling on their birthday.

The Punctuality Habit - learn to be on time for every appointment. Build an image of a man of your word, and a professional person.


The Habit of Reading - learn valuable knowledge each day that will help you lead a more affluent and happier life.

The Habit of Listening - Learn to listen carefully to the people you talk to. Thanks to this, you will build deeper relationships with them.

The Habit of Learning a Foreign Language - learn to be fluent in German, Spanish, or any other language with no more than 15 minutes a day.


The Habit of Being "Here and Now" - learn to focus on the present, enjoy the moment, and see more in every situation.

The Habit of Writing Down Ideas and Inspirations - make sure that every valuable idea, reflection, dream, or lifehack is saved. Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to achieve the goals that are important to you.

The Habit of Making Your Dreams Come True - learn to set aside time each week to do what you really want.


Wise Buying Habit - Learn to make better, calmer purchasing decisions. Thanks to this, you will save a lot of money and nerves.

The Habit of Saving - learn to save some of the money you earn. Thanks to this, you will take care of your own safety - financial and emotional.

The Habit of Monitoring Investments - learn to check regularly if your money is earning for itself. Relocate funds from loss-making investments to more profitable ones.


The Habit of Planning - learn to create an accurate daily plan, write down tasks and determine which ones are worth doing first.

The Habit of Working in High Concentration - learn to turn off the distractions and work on one task at a time. Thanks to this, you will be able to do 2x more at the same time.

The Habit of Doing Short Tasks Right Away - learn to complete 2-minute tasks right away so that you can enjoy quick wins and not forget anything.


The Habit of Adding Potential Customers to the Database - make sure that your potential customers' database grows every day. Add the names of people or companies to it.

The Habit of Follow-Pp to the Offer You Sent - keep your finger on the pulse of the offers you sent. Maintain contact with the customer who has already become interested in your products.

The Habit of Nurturing Relationships with Customers - learn to be in touch with customers. Send them interesting facts and helpful information.


The Habit of Motivating Employees - learn to motivate your employees by sending them motivational messages or regular one-on-one meetings.

The Habit of Monitoring the Progress of Assigned Tasks - regularly check whether your employees appropriately perform the duties delegated by you.

The Habit of Preparing an Effective Meeting - learn to precisely define the purpose of the meeting, its agenda, and the necessary people who should take part in it. Thanks to this, you will achieve much more at the meeting and in less time.

Change yours bad practices and develop good habits

Do you happen to eat healthy meals all day long only to devour sweets or a packet of crisps in the evening? 

Do you always act tactfully at work, but you no longer have patience with your loved ones and burst quickly into anger when you are irritated? 

Or do you get caught up in a new idea easily (I will go to the gym! I will learn a foreign language! I will meditate every day!), but you only have enough motivation for the first few days? 

Once or twice, we can force ourselves to do something different (new). However, if you do not change your habits, you will quickly revert to old, often negative behavior patterns. 

Each of us has bad habits. We often struggle with them for many years, losing hope that we will ever change. 

Meanwhile, there is a simple, scientifically proven formula to get rid of them once and for all. 

Or, you can design new and beneficial habits that will help you lead a healthier, happier, and wealthier life.

Why are habits so essential?

work regardless of your motivation

1. They work regardless of your motivation.

Habits work automatically. Therefore - even when you don't feel like doing anything - you will perform the habitual actions on autopilot without convincing yourself that it has to be done.

They are easy

2. They are easy

Habitual behaviors are simple activities that only take a few seconds or minutes. Thanks to this, you will find time for them even on a hectic day.

They give excellent results

3. They give excellent results

To perform habitual behaviors, you don't need to remember them. You do them automatically. Thanks to this, you will be doing them regularly every day. This, in turn, will allow you to achieve a snowball effect, and the small actions taken together will have a significant impact.

They are already present in your life

4. They are already present in your life

Habits already control your life. Even every second of your behavior during the day is not the result of your conscious decision but your habits. You can turn saboteurs (bad habits) into supportive friends (good habits).

Who am I and how can I help you?

Andrzej Bernardyn - Land Of Habits

My name is Andrzej Bernardyn just like a big dog with a barrel full of rum.

My mission in life is to support people. I do it in various roles:

a) as a business trainer - I have been helping people by giving them useful knowledge and practical skills for 16 years,

b) as an innovator - I create original educational tools that make it easy to put the learned skills into practice,

c) as an expert on habits - I help consolidate positive changes: with individuals, teams, and entire companies.

Like few people in the world, I am fascinated by habits. This is the main topic of my training specialization.

I have read a lot of scientific studies about how habits work.

Based on this information and my own experience, I wrote a book about habits - "Guide to the Land of Habits". I have helped hundreds of people to develop good habits in their lives! I will be happy to help you too 🙂

I created the first board game in Poland (or even globally?) to change bad habits and develop good habits and new skills.

Why the game? Because nothing else worked in the long run. First, I tried to track my progress in developing habits on a piece of paper, then in a calendar, in Excel, or even with the help of an app. Each of these solutions worked for a while. At first, it gave me new hope, but my eagerness to use them faded rapidly with each passing day.

What was the reason?

They were boring, tedious and tiring! Another nasty duty I didn't feel like doing. Hence the idea to create a more attractive and engaging tool:

  • that encourages me to use it regularly and measure my progress,
  • in which I will be able to involve my wife, friends, or colleagues,
  • so that we can motivate each other to make positive changes in our lives.

I made the game for myself, but my friends wanted to use it too. To meet the real needs, I created the first edition of the Land of Habits, which was sold to the last copy. Now more than 1500 people enjoy the game.

I collected feedback from early adopters, hired a professional graphic artist, and added advanced game mechanics. This is how the second, much-improved edition of the game was created that you can now take advantage of. Do you want to see how it looks and works? : -)

See The Land Of Habits game in action

Click to play

How will The Land of Habits help you?

The game will allow you to measure your progress in developing habits in an easy and fun way.

You will play the role of a Traveler who wanders through the Land of Habits every day. First, he traverses a sandy island, then swims to another island and enters the forest. Then he has to face the final stage of his journey - an island full of dangers. However, the Great Prize awaits the Traveler at the top of the mountain.

The Land of Habits will remind you of your tasks and motivate you to act daily. There are 4 independent routes on the board, thanks to which you will be able to develop up to 4 different habits at the same time. In each of them, you will design a trigger, i.e. a stimulus that will remind you to perform a habitual behavior. In addition, you will also define the two types of rewards: one that you will give yourself each time you complete a habitual action and the other one for reaching the bonus fields.

To facilitate the habit development process, you will break it down into 5-day challenges. The first one will be as simple as possible. Each subsequent challenge will be a little more demanding until you get to the final level. Thanks to this, you can quickly start working on your habits when you receive the game.

Instead of looking again for motivation to learn (in college, a foreign language), train (at the gym or home), work, or act - use the small steps strategy successfully! Motivation is a chimeric creature that is hard to rely on. It behaves like a wave - you are once at the top and once at the bottom. It is impossible to be on the top of the "motivational wave" all the time. Therefore behavior change should be designed so that you always have the energy to perform the task.

Not motivation, but simplicity and ease of action are decisive in the long-term change (according to the research of BJ Fogg, an American professor who has been studying for 20 years what influences people's behavior).

The Land of Habits works just like that - in line with the discoveries of modern science. The behaviors you will develop will be simple, and no matter what your level of motivation is, you will always be able to carry them out. The results you get, thanks to systematic work, will surprise you positively. Not today. Not tomorrow. However, after a week, you will notice the first significant changes. And this is just the beginning!

The Land of Habits is excellent for developing personal habits (health, finances, relations etc.), family habits (washing dishes, cleaning rooms, taking out the garbage etc.), and professional habits (sales, management, efficiency etc.).

Another exciting opportunity provided by the Land of Habits are CHALLENGES. Find a person who wants to develop a habit similar to yours (running, cycling, or regularly learning a foreign language) and challenge them.

Define the day you start working on the habit, and regularly exchange information about your position on the board every few days. In this way, by using the mechanism of gamification, you can gain additional motivation to work on a habit persistently.

Check who and how The Land of Habits has already helped

I have played The Land of Habits with my children for several years.

Thanks to this incredible game, flowers are watered, clothes are tidy, and shoes are in the wardrobe, not in the middle of the hall.

Olga Wilińska

This game really works! Instead of a motivational kick and big plans that don't come true, it is an effective tool for development.

Everything is straightforward, but the genius of the game lies in its simplicity! I recommend it to anyone who wants to change something in their life.

Until now, I have read many books, tried many methods, and set ambitious goals many times, but
only the Land of Habits showed me how to act appropriately. It’s really worth it!

Adrian Gamrot, database specialist

Ingeniously simple and very effective!

The game completes almost any training in a great way!

The Land of Habits is something every internal trainer should have and use. The game helps plan the implementation of new behaviors and then supports the participant in this decision.

Urszula Rudzka-Stankiewicz, expert in implementing behavioral changes

This game shows that applying simple, transparent rules is often the most effective.

An excellent alternative for those who have been disappointed with the miraculous recipes for life success falling from the sky.

This game has logical, research-based ways to achieve your goals!

Tomasz Lipiński, trainer, Amazon company

The Land of Habits is a tool the effectiveness of which I can confirm with my body. By developing my diet and exercise habits, I was able to lose 3 kg and improve my condition, which was confirmed by medical test results.

The Land of Habits also helps my clients. I am a financial trainer and planner, working on harmony in the lives of my clients on the wheel of life.

The Land of Habits allowed me to translate the monthly goals of clients into everyday activities, which
significantly improved the effectiveness of achieving goals.

Krzysztof Pilch, Trainer, Financial Planner

The Land of habits game is simple to use and at the same time a unique tool in order to develop positive habits. I used it to support my everyday language learning and also to change the habit of drinking morning coffee to drinking water. Of course, I still drink coffee but water comes first 😉 And that was exactly what I wanted!

Clear instruction manual, attractive accessories are the things that motivated me to reach for this game many times. It was great to play Land of habits with others – positive competition made us even more engaged in the game. I think that this game combined with Andrzej’s ebook on habit development is a perfect set for people who want to introduce a real and positive changes in their life. I strongly recommend it!


The Land of Habits is a great solution for anyone who wants to effectively manage their laziness 🙂  and quickly and efficiently develop habits that facilitate everyday activities.

The game and the book are perfect combinations that logically explain why it is worth developing habits and how to do it.

Magdalena Kobiałko, the owner of INSPIRE - Business Inspiration Center

Buy The Land Of Habits GAME

Educational Board Game

80 USD

Best tool to stay motivated and track your progress!

  • Develop New Good Habits
  • Change Bad Habits into Healthy Ones
  • Stick to Routines That Serves You
  • Be Consistent in Reaching Your Goal

Take a look what is inside the game box

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

You may be wondering: Will this game help me? Will it be a good investment?

Nobody likes to take risks. I understand it perfectly, so I want to make it easier for you and take the risk on myself. If the game does not meet your expectations - write me an e-mail about it within 30 days of purchase, and I will refund you 100% of the money paid.

I put all my heart, creativity, and knowledge about how habits work to create The Land of Habits. I'm sure when you just give this game a try and test it in your own life - it will help you get great results. And if it doesn't, feel free to ask for a refund.

Let's summarize the essential information:

  • Each of us has bad habits. Willpower alone is not enough to change them.
  • To get rid of bad habits once and for all and introduce positive changes into your life for good, use the power of habits.
  • Habits work regardless of motivation, are easy to follow, and produce great results. Not to mention, they already control half your life.
  • How do I know so much about habits? I have been passionate about them for 6 years. They are the main topic of my coaching specialization. I have helped hundreds of people change their lives by changing their habits. I will be happy to help you 🙂
  • You need a proper tool to develop habits. Not a boring calendar or Excel. Something more attractive. Game! Preferably one whose effectiveness has already been tested by hundreds of people in Poland. The Land of Habits will be perfect 🙂
  • I am so sure about the effectiveness of this game that I give you a satisfaction guarantee. Either you like the game or get 100% money back. You can gain a lot, and the risk is mine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I receive an invoice for the purchase of the game?

Of course. Enter your invoice details in the comment to the order or send it to andrzej@landofhabits.com

Are the games shipped to all countries?

Not yet. Currently, we ship games to the United States of America, Canada, and all European countries.

How long will I wait for the game to come to me?

The game should reach you within 7 working days (Europe) or 14 working days (North America).

How will I get my parcel?

The courier will deliver it to you to the address provided during the purchase.

Can the game be played alone?

Yes. The Land of Habits is an educational game, different from typical board games. Playing alone, you will have the entire board to yourself and 4 routes to develop 4 different habits. However, we encourage you to invite your family or friends to play the game. Healthy competition will boost your motivation.

How many people can you play in the Land of Habits?

Four. There are 4 routes on the board to track the progress of your habits. Each of them can be used by a different player.

Can children play The Land of Habits?

Yes, if they are at least 6 years old. The younger the player is, the greater the role of the guardian to explain the rules of the game and to design habits together.

I have other questions. How can I ask them, and will I get the answer?

Feel free to send any questions to andrzej@landofhabits.com. I will try to answer you within 1 business day.