About The Author Of The Land Of Habits Game

Andrzej Bernardyn - Land Of Habits

As a business trainer with 17 years of experience, I help develop personal skills (creativity, time management, communication, etc.). I conduct training courses, teaching through experience, based on the discoveries of modern science.

I also work with clients individually. I help them achieve goals that are important to them. I show them how to develop good habits, effectively set goals, and create a strategy to achieve them.

I create original educational tools that help with that: an electronic Effectiveness System for planning and managing tasks and the board game The Land of Habits.

Like few people in the world, I am fascinated by habits. This is the main topic of my training specialization. I have read a lot of scientific studies about how habits work. Based on this information and my own experience, I wrote a book about habits - "The Guide to The Land of Habits". I have helped hundreds of people to develop good habits in their lives! I will be happy to help you too 🙂


  • I am a husband to one and the father of four: Aria, Tadzio, Aurora, and Tymek.
  • I love games: board (chess, Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders), card (poker Texas Holdem No Limit, bridge), and computer games (The Witcher, Hearthstone, Gwent. Legends of Runeterra).
  • I listen to a lot of podcasts, audiobooks or read books on business and fantasy.
  • I am an incurable optimist, believing that everything will turn out well, even on the brink of disaster 🙂